Welcome Kelly!

Kelly Culver

Published: 17 October 2019

Hi Everyone, my name is Kelly and I am the new Arts Administrator for Axisweb.

I will be supporting the Axisweb team with general administrative duties and  memberships. Having had support in the past from Axisweb for my own practice, such as Vacant Spaces, I am really looking forward to working here.

After graduating from my degree in 2015, I co-founded Paint By Number, a year long project consisting of three printed issuses and exhibitions that supported and engaged with over 100 artists across the UK and beyond. I also co-run serf, an artist-led space in the centre of Leeds that has been running for three years. We are an open plan studio of 25 artists and a small project space which is open to applications. 

I was recently selected for the Tetley Associate Artist Programme (TAAP) 2019, and was an artist assistant for Benedict Philips 'How To Be A Dsylexic Artist & Other Stories'

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