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Published: 01 April 2016

Hatch a Plan was a fantastic evening, and something as Axsweb we were really happy to be part of. Having the confidence as a young person to initiate or lead a creative practice can be a daunting thing, so it was great to be able to share stories and advice with a group whose interests ranged from building an exhibition space to initiating street food events.

The organisers, Amy and Lucy tell us a bit more here:

From living in Wakefield we know that there can sometimes be a real lack of creative opportunities and support for young people. somewhereto_ ran Hatch A Plan in Wakefield on 23rd March, an event to give creative start-ups a chance to meet with industry professionals from the area, hear their stories and get one-to-one advice from them.

There were three workshops, the first run by Axisweb who talked about the importance of peer networks and validation, Laura Slater who as professional textile designer was able to talk about her creative journey, refining her work and the challenges and opportunities of living in Wakefield and finally Dean Freeman, founder of Wakefield’s Long Division Festival, who spoke about the realities of setting up and running your own events from finance to the opportunity of making something amazing happen in your city.

Here are our top ideas for building stong networks and getting new opportunities, which came out of our workshop and discussion below:

1. Document your project well and show it online. Whether through blog posts, photographs or social media, an event which has twenty people attending in real life might reach a hundred times that online. Make sure you are documenting your projects in a clear accessible way.

2. Get in contact with people who have inspired you. Usually when starting a project, you will have been inspired or motivated by other activity you might have seen elsewhere. Getting in contact with these groups can help you realise how achievable your goals are.

3. Be sociable and generous. Meeting people in real life can lead to unexpected opportunities down the line, it is always easier to discuss things face to face!

4. Realise the impact you have on your local area. Even small creative projects are a fantastic asset to the local area. Make sure the council and other organisations are aware of the work you are doing, and recognise your contribution.


Hatch A Plan 2

somewhereto_ is a UK wide programme which unlocks free space for 16-25 year old creatives and entrepreneurs. The initiative is funded by a £7 million grant from the Big Lottery Fund. Amy and Lucy have unlocked free space in Wakefield City centre which you can access to run a variety of creative projects from exhibitions to gigs, markets to workshops. To find out more visit or email [email protected]

This was a free event where 16-25 year olds could speak with The Prince's Trust about joining their free business programme and O2 Think Big about funding opportunities as well.

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Published 1 April 2016

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