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Published: 11 March 2016

Over the past few months we have done lots of travelling to meet with all kinds of people, compiled hundreds of pieces of feedback and conducted surveys with hundreds of artists. All of this helped us see some areas where Axisweb was falling short and more importantly, it helped us see bigger trends and crystallise our thinking about how Axisweb can best support artists now and in the future.

We understand there is a shift in how artists work and that often the support mechanisms are slow to adapt. As artists we try to do more with less and with limited time and resources, our aim at Axisweb is to help artists make more of what they have. You can’t work any harder, but we can help you with working smarter which is why we’re changing our offer to artists from April.

Designed with and for artists, our new packages will allow you as artists to tailor what you need to fit your individual circumstances.

What does this all mean?

In the first instance we will be changing our membership model and introducing a range of tailored service packages. As an artist this means you will have a greater choice of services to meet your needs, and can pick and choose what is relevant to you.

These service packages include:

  • Profile Builder: Create a profile to showcase your ideas and talent contextualised alongside your peers 
  • Opportunity Finder: Tools to help you find relevant opportunities
  • Insurance: Public and product liability plus professional indemnity insurance as part of our Network Associate package.

Change can be scary

We know change can be scary and what we introduce may take a little getting used to. Since rethinking how Axisweb works on a grand scale could be disruptive to our thousands of artist members, we’ve made an effort to avoid changing for cosmetic indulgence alone. We really want to make our products support artists' needs better.

From April, we’ll start rolling out the new features. We hope you like what you see, and we will be listening to your feedback.

Mark Smith Mark Smith

Executive Director of Axisweb

[email protected]

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