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Published: 28 January 2016

At Axisweb we have built up a large network of contacts over nearly 25 years of operation, and are always building more connections with established artists and organisations, as well as emerging talent and curious audiences.

Alongside the features which we pick to highlight, through #Five2Watch, Artist of the Month and so on, we also provide the opportunity for you to promote and shout about your projects.

We offer a compact range of affordable options for our members to promote their work, all at 50% of the cost which we offer to non-members. We frequently run offers for further discounts for our members, so keep an eye out in the ebulletins!

Below are some costs for avertising options, but please do get in contact for a free quote, prices given are for members only.

£60 - Full Advert in the monthly ebulletin (23,000 subscribers)

£30 - Basic Listing in the monthly ebulletin (23,000 Subscribers)

£40 - Full listing in the weekly ebulletin to Artist members (3000 subscribers)

£25 - Advert on the Axisweb homepage (per week)

How many people will it reach?

In terms of the number of people it goes out to, our monthly ebulletin has 23,000 subscribers from across the world, we have 21.5k twitter followers and 26,000 unique site users every month.

Contact: [email protected] for any questions or information.

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Author: Axisweb

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