Social Works?: Live


Artists are invited to bid for a ‘stall’ at Social Works?: Live, and to host / facilitate an activity or intervention within the space during the event (4th floor, Benzie Building, Manchester School of Art).

Proposals may interpret the brief of ‘stallholder’ in a range of ways. Each selected artist will be allotted a pitch within the venue, including a table, which can be used as the site of your activity, or as a hub to represent your activity while you move elsewhere within the space. Your proposal should respond in some way to one of the themes of Social Works?: Live: profile, exchange or resources.

We want to encourage a diversity of content and styles to celebrate and shape socially engaged practice. Activities might be hands-on and interactive, listening-based, performance-based, a showcase, individually focused or a group collaboration.

There will be 9 commissioned stalls. A fixed fee of £350 (to include expenses) will be paid to all selected artists. You do not have to be an Axisweb member to apply for a commission.

Rules of Engagement

All applications to Social Works?: Live should adhere to our Rules of Engagement:

  1. Be respectful and value each others ideas, styles and viewpoints
  2. Be honest but professional
  3. Be inclusive
  4. Be open to learning
  5. Lead by example