Fabric inflatable.
Produced as part of solo exhibition 'We Can Only See Today' at Ty Pawb, Wrexham.

"Let us take you back to the grand old days of grocery shopping, when butter came weighed out in a scoop, the grocer knew your children's names and your favourite cut of beef, and a brand was something you applied to a cow's bum"
(The Paradox of choice, Smart Insights, 23 April 2015)

In a world where people increasingly desire more choice, large supermarkets and the growth of online shopping have sought to provide and develop this demand. This inflatable delicatessen counter features some of the same iconography as the fabric banners and has been designed as a comment on contemporary shopping methods.
There is an expansion in belief that choice allows us to individualise ourselves and that this in turn equates to freedom. Does the ability to choose from an array of options enable us to be free, to be happy? Does the experience of visiting and shopping in a market provide more than the products you leave with? Perhaps you also leave with something else, something intangible and unavailable elsewhere?