I will start my first blog with an insight to my current project "Nothing 'is' Immediate".

For the project I’ve been making unique sculptures, based on the theme of platonic geometry and the associated five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Either. One aim of the project was to explore ways of creating new multi-sensory physically immersive experiences.

The work is complex, and I am exploring many paths. So, for this first blog, I would like to talk about my work in the context of symbolism, and the traditional paradigms of transformation. I have been exploring what is outside of what Carl Jung would describe as the conventional rational forms of thinking, the subjective awareness; in order to create more space for the unconscious mind to support conscious growth. So, held within the constraints of there geometric forms, I have chosen the following model’s of symbolism to explore: alchemy, the elements and the chakras.

When we think about Alchemy, we can often associate it with a primitive form of chemistry or science. The goal of the alchemist was to transform base materials or metal into gold, thought to be the elixir of life. This process interests me on a material level. I chose to change pallet-wood into sculptures. However, I am also interested in the interior notion of alchemy, in Jungian terms, alchemy consists of disciplines, practices, and procedures directing the inner voyage to the eternal Self. I therefore use my work to draw a persons attention to their Self.

I am exploring the elements to indicate the process of transformation. Various combinations of earth, air, fire, water and ether, characterise qualities of psychic and universal balance or imbalance, and indicate a progression through change. The elements, and the four or five Platonic Solids, are identified with what is known as quaternary, the structure that constitutes the basic template of material existence, and the dimensions of what is within time and space.