This work addresses an idea about navigation, decrypting from individual and social perspective through the past cognitions/events and experiences with imagination.
This overriding activity by human has deployed/produced new technologies as we see today.

Imagination is very unique elements for all species, especially for human. This maybe causes more urges in our sense to change/develop from one place to others, biologically, geologically, technically and culturally.

This site – Langkawi (Malacca strait)– was one of the historical spot during Age of Discovery. I imagine the journey in that time how much of power/encourage was over them to make it happen and to depart a main land to the vast unknown world/sea with tiny information.
Even they have some certain reasons/tasks by each for this journey, it could live with fears and expectations.
However I look this/us as (super) imaginative specie, which is more capable to produce strong challenge more than fear.

What is more, one of my questions in this theme is that in this Digital Era, ‘Are we having enough imagination as what we used have, like one in 15-17C?’. There are plenty – almost overflowing – of information surrounding and guiding us. Sometimes, even myself, it could be mixing feelings between grabbing information and creating/addressing something by themself.
More time for gathering information, less time for deploying/creating from it.

In this installation, compose by re-created elements, which relate to the historical journey such as Telescope, compass, Wardian Case – plant hunting, and botanic pictures.
Those might be wreckages from individual perspectives and urges we used to have. Then how/what are we seeing this world at this moment (from this place).