Memory: collected and collection
I would love to include you in this project. The collected memories project I Remember You will be developed between October 2016 to December 2017. I invite you to take part by sharing your ‘memories of yourself’ in the form of anecdotes, sounds and images. In particular, I am interested in collecting memories of any kind of making or mending but I am looking forward to collecting all your stories whatever they are about. The material gathered from some of the extraordinary, ordinary people I’m sure I will meet along the way will be used to make a series of new work during 2017. This new work will be shown alongside the work from Do You Remember Me? at the Muriel Barker Gallery, Fishing Heritage Centre in my hometown of Grimsby in from 24 March to 15 July 2018.
Would you like to take part?
If you would like to share memories of yourself in the form of anecdotes, sounds or images from any time during your own lifetime please sign up to my Collected Memories Newsletter to find out when and where to send your images and information:
[email protected]