My work aims to explore how our relationship with our environment affects our wellbeing. Both are fragile and dependent on each other, collectively we can look after both.

These images are part of a series of six entitled Flux. The aim of the project is to invite viewers to make and take time for contemplation. The work was trialled at Bath Mind, as an interactive wellbeing project. Participants were invited to respond to the work anonymously. This was done by writing their thoughts and placing them in numbered envelopes. These collective responses created a shared experience and were presented in a book, as new work. This made the work ours and not mine.

The contemplation of the images started to make the viewers question our place of being and the importance of the natural environment. So much can be learnt from being in nature and as Lao Tzu stated, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” From stillness comes acceptance and understanding. This may take time, but this time is well spent.