Approved: 20.04.2015

Sabina Sallis

Artist, Curator, Researcher

Approved: 20.04.2015

In my practice, I am looking at how mythology grows from our connection with the land and nature, and how these mythologies relate to and are informed by a modern anthropological, scientific, philosophical and cultural understanding of the world. In my practice I explore the multifaceted aspects of sustainability through myth and nature culture continuum.

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Artist Statement

In my practice, I am looking at how mythology grows from our connection with the land and nature, and how these mythologies relate to and are informed by a modern anthropological, scientific, philosophical and cultural understanding of the world. In my practice I explore the multifaceted aspects of sustainability through myth and nature culture continuum.

In my research the concepts of mythology refers to mythical thinking as a philosophical pattern of thought described by Leszek Kolakowski as 'mythopoeic thought’. This way of thinking allows culture to flourish and form itself at ontological, phenomenological and empirical levels.

At the core of my latest research idea is a deep ecological and political conviction that what is at fault now in the current socio-political environmental crisis is a lack of a meaningful relationship with the natural environment.

During my latest research project titled 'The Source of Resilience' I was artist in residence at Scotswood Community Gardens in Newcastle, (SNCG) and at Abundant Earth, a permaculture farm in County Durham. Guided by my artistic agenda, I actively engaged with the place and its people. I was there to gather images, videos, thoughts and make drawings. Both places are founded on principles of permaculture and attract like minded people who share similar ecological and political convictions.


Nomadic Thought, Imaginary and Sustainability.

'Reason is the natural organ of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning. Imagination, producing new metaphors or reviving old, it is not the case of truth, but its condition.” C.S Lewis

I am in favour of a unique creative autonomy, of singular actions where we can determine our artistic practices to be diverse, open and nomadic, and where the imaginary is a real construction of social relations that allow you to read and build things in a different way.

I consider myself to be an artist-nomad who travels through realms of diverse sources of knowledge and of imaginary possibilities; an endless procession of reiterating realities that morph, and shift. Each manifestation of the poetic realities I encounter leads onto further explorations, like the branching, twigging and rooting of a tree. I journey from the brink of our world into a labyrinth of transcendence where we can enlighten our consciousness with bliss. That, for me, is at the heart of artistic practice; a delight in the very nature of being; a wonder and awe of the multi-complex relationship between of the mind and universe.

I believe this type of creative approach leads to bio-centred egalitarianism as 'a philosophy of radical immanence and affirmative becoming and it shapes sensitivity towards sustainable futures of transformations'.

CV & Education

Sabina Sallis works within the areas of video, installation, performance, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. As an arts practitioner, she has a multifaceted approach to arts provision- as a researching and exhibiting artist; a provider of arts through educational settings and as an arts facilitator.

 1979  Born in Lancut, Poland. Lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.


1999-2005 University of Arts, Poznan, Poland. MA in painting and drawing.

1994-1999 College of Fine Art, Jaroslaw, Poland. Diploma in ceramic and painting.

Additional Qualifications:

2013-2014 Forest School Teacher Training, level 3, pass

2004-2005 Art Pedagogy, University of Arts, Poznan, Poland.

Currently involved in:

May- 'The Scale of Sustainability', A season of films and meetings exploring architecture, homes and community, The Shed Whistle Art Stop, Haltwhistle

May -June 2015 'Urban Organisms that Yields Sustainable Futures', organising and curating exhibition and events at The NewBridge Project Space, Newcastle upon Tyne

November 2015 'Mythologies',  Artisterium 2015, Tbilisi's annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Event.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2015 - SOURCE OF RESILIENCE, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne 

2010 - RESILIENCE IN EQUILIBRIUM, 36 Lime Street Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

2007 - FELIX CULPA,  Arsenal Gallery , Poznan, Poland

2007 - PERFORMIZM, Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2007- SUI GENERIS , ON Gallery , Poznan, Poland

2006- "TIGER, TIGER SHOW ME YOUR SHELL",  Szyperska Gallery Poznan, Poland                                

2005- "PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL TIGER"- Galeria Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland

2005 - SABINA SALLIS PAINTING- Promotion Gallery PKO BP, Poznan, Poland



Selected group exhibitions and festivals:

2014 - 'Still Life’ group exhibition at MOC Gallery Olsztyn, Poland

2014 - Eulogy’, group exhibition at the Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne 

2012- 'Subject for Change',Deconstruction Project at Polish Arts Festival, Homeless Gallery at KURSAAL, Southend on Sea,UK

2012 - THE OBSERVERS, The Late Show performance event

2008- INPORT Performance Video Art Festival, Tallin, Estonia.                                                            

2007 - ASIA - EUROPE MEDIATION, EUROASJA NOVA, performance Festival, CK Zamek, Poznan, Poland

2007 - BIOS festival "farewell to winter / idea generation" Brzezno, Poland

2006- HEROINES - selected exhibition, BWA Gallery, Leszno   

2006 - Presentation ON GALLERY, Kunstsalon, Berlin 2006 Germany   

2006- BIOS festival "A warming world needs art", Brzezno, Poland

2006- COMA  - selected exhibition, Sector 1 Gallery, Katowice

2005 - The Department of Painting University of Arts in Poznan selected exhibition, Gallery " U Jezuitow Gallery, Poznan, Poland

2005- ZOON POLITICON - Exhibition in the Baltic Gallery of Arts Slupsk, Poland

2005 - Exhibition of the Best Masters work, the contest by M.Dokowicz's, Old Slaughter House, Poznan, Poland

2005- "Activebite" - promotion, Sabina Scislowicz, Monika Pich,  "Dno"Club AFA, Poznan      

2005 - "Nowalijki" - Sabina Scislowicz, Monika Pich, Cafe "Miesna", Poznan

2004  - 'I Desire to Die in the Flames of Love'- exhibition in the gallery Galeria Wneka in Poznan

2003 - Time in the Image- Exhibition in the gallery BWA in Wroclaw

2002- Why Not? -  exhibiton in Galeria ASP in Katowice

2001- Izotop 2000- exhibition in the gallery Galeria El in Elblag

Awards, stipends:

2014/2015 Grants for the Arts Scheme for individual artists, Arts Council England

2005/2004 Grant for Arts from Polish Ministry of Culture

1999 The Grant for Art from Polish Prime Minister

1998/1999 The scholarschip awarded by Polish Ministry of Arts and Culture


Upcoming: October2015, artist in residence, Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia

2014-2015 artist in residence at the Scotswood Community Garden, Newcastle upon Tyne

2014- artist in residence at the Abundant Earth Farm, County Durham


2015 - 'Source of resilience', Sabina Sallis

2012- 'Subject for Change', group exhibition catalogue

2007- Asia-Europe Mediation, Euroasja Nova, festival, exhibition, catalogue

2006 - Heroines, group exhibition, catalogue

2006- Presentation ON Gallery,

2006 - Coma, On Gallery artists exhibition , catalogue

2005 - Paintings, Sabina Sallis, solo show, catalogue