One of three drawings produced for a project called Unreal Estates, where a writer and an artist from the same city were paired to produce work relating to a property for sale in that city. With author Ken Elkes, I explored the history of a house in central Bristol, built in 1718 by a sea merchant who was part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. We sought to highlight the slightly uneasy relationship of the current house with its dark past and evoke the memories and narratives held within it. The walls have borne witness to three hundred years of domestic narrative and feel as if they contain traces and presences.
Work and texts of all artists and writers in the project can be viewed on the Unreal Estates website at

  • Dimensions: 119x70
  • Contexts: Exhibition , Funding / Award
  • Artforms: Drawing
  • Tags: Interiors, Traces, Memories, Staircases, Narratives, Shadows, Dark history, Absence, Slave trade, Charcoal