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Russell Moreton

Artist, Curator, Maker, Project manager, Teacher

Approved: 14.07.2020

Russell Moreton, Speculative Spatial Practices

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    Artist Statement

    Russell Moreton, Speculative Spatial Practices

    Working Notes for installation at Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2018


    A reflective building is an echo not a statement.

    Haptic devices/seating/dwelling in the landscapes of the mind.

    Landscape assemblages and the significance of solitude.

    The immensity/intimacy and its immediacy to the imagination.

    Immensity is within ourselves  Bachelard 


    The site a Raveningham offers the spatial practice of a social event and the opportunity to playfully engage with architectural forms, fine art surfaces and textures.


    The sensing space, a sculptural assemblage created at Raveningham is an inquiry into 'making' and 'reflexivity' amongst a social landscape.


    Artist Statement 2019

    Curatorial Architectures/Assemblages


    Russell Moreton practice continues to develop themes that bridge interests between the post studio operations of the contemporary artist and the new curatorial assemblages of the 21st Century. He is actively constructing research material that becomes transactive through interventions and installations that are in affect blurring art and the everyday rituals of creative enterprise. Through processes of almost anthropological mappings he attempts to create innovative and immersive exhibition formats that seek to engage a discursive audience.


    Museum Director, Curator, Collector, Artist,

    None of that means anything anymore.

    J, Rhoades. 1998


    The Studio is no longer a retreat but it now integrates. It is all exterior.

    Ways of Curating, Hans Ulrich Obrist. 2014

    CV & Education




    Russell Moreton.1961

    3 Swan Lane


    IP20 9AN


    Speculative Spatial/Curatorial Practices in Fine Art and Architecture

    Spatial Practices :

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    Interior design MA, Farnham UCA. 2013-2015

    Spatial Practices MA, Canterbury School of Architecture. 2008-2010

    Re-Envisioning Education, Brockwood/Santa Barbara Extension, PG credits. 2011

    Visual Fine Art BA, Winchester School of Art. 2004-2008

    NCFE Advanced Certificate in Creative Craft (level 3), South Downs College. 2004-2006

    Short Courses : Life Drawing/Sculpture, Alternative Photography/Printmaking, Leaded and Stained

    Glass and Glass Casting, Picture Framing,West Dean College. 1991-2003

    Ceramics HSND, Epsom School of Art and Design. 1981-1985

    Farnham Sixth Form College. 1977-1978

    Bearwood College, Wokingham. 1972-1976


    Professional Engagements


    Member of Anglian Potters

    Outpost Studio Member, 2018

    Management and Development Committee Member, Waveney and Blyth Arts. 2017

    Outpost Member, Norwich. 2016

    Independent Creative Practitioner, Harleston. 2015

    Head of Art (AS/A2), Brockwood Park School, Bramdean. 2011-2015

    Committee Member, The Yard Artist's Community. 2012-2015

    Hyde 900 Artist's Group, Winchester. 2009-2015

    Teaching Academy, Re-Imagining Education, Krishnamurti Trust, Brockwood. 2011

    Artist in Residence, Andover College. 2010-2011

    Chapel Arts Studio, Selected Artist in Residence. 2009-2010

    The Yard, Artist Community, Studio Member, Winchester. 2009-2015

    Stained Glass Craftsmen/Designer, self employed. 1986-2008

    Badger Barns/Traditional Oak Buildings, Works and Site Manager. 1995-2003

    Dexterity Crafts, Potter/Workshop Manager, Walton on the Hill. 1985-1986

    Studio Ceramics, designed and built large kilns for architectural ceramics, Godalming. 1983-1988

    Grayshott Pottery, Pottery Apprenticeship. 1979-1981

    Hop Kiln Pottery, Farnham. 1978





    Art Based Exhibitions/Working Projects/Collaborative Events/Workshops


    Bayfield Hall Sculpture Trail, Holt. 2023

    Raveningham Sculpture Trail, Raveningham. 2023

    Water at Hungate, Norwich. 2023

    Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft. 2023

    Anglian Potters Undercroft Exhibition, Norwich. 2023

    Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft. 2022

    Anglian Potters Undercroft Exhibition, Norwich. 2022

    Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft. 2021

    Raveningham Sculpture Trail, Raveningham. 2020

    Anglian Potters Undercroft Exhibition, Norwich. 2019

    New ceramic vessels and forms, themes around 'reverberations' innerness and volumes'.


    Waveney Sculpture Trail at Raveningham. 2018

    Sensing Space, Architectural structure meets visual fine art, a sculptural assemblage created on site. Promoting an inquiry into 'making' and 'reflexivity' amongst a social and natural landscape setting.


    Anthropological Entanglements : Strange Tools/An Anthropology of Landscape

    Conversations, Collages/Walks and Creative Consciousness. 2018

    An exploratory approach into the archives of Waveney and Blyth Arts.

    Setting up an inquiry that can become an opportunity for exploration, investigation and exhibition, as well as a place for mutual exchange and support.


    Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios. 2018

    Visual fine artist working with experimental photography, collage and interior design.


    Interior Design MA Degree Show, Farnham UCA. 2015

    Presentation of “The Scriptorium” as a speculative learning environment, realized through collage, model making and digital technologies.


    The Art Barn, Brockwood Park School. 2015

    Design and exhibition of A level student's work, art books, textiles, drawings and paintings.


    Yard and Meter, 10 days Creative Collisions. 2013

    Collaborative exchange between visual art and poetry. Cyanotype images used as a projection and inspiration for live poetry event and publication.


    Angelus Gallery, Winchester College, Winchester. 2013

    Setting up of a exhibition, artist's talk and workshop. Works displayed, large drawings, collage, artists journals and research material. This exhibition attempted to create dialogues between Fine Art, Studio Practice and Interior Design.


    Negative Capability, The Link Gallery, The Hyde Artist's Group. 2012

    Art and Archaeological study from the site of the Leper Hospital, Morn Hill, Winchester.

    Exhibition of large cyanotypes/anthropological forms and drawing frames with alternative photographic processes.


    Back To Free School : Drawing out The Archive. Kilquhanity, Scotland. 2011

    Speculative practiced based symposium, converted Pottery into a Camera Obscura, drawings and presentation of land art, pathways from sunrise to sunset.


    10 Days in The City, Winchester. The Theatre Royal Winchester. 2011

    Dressing Room Installation, Darkroom and Studio Space.


    Teaching Academy/Re-Imagining Learning, Brockwood Park School. 2011

    Performed alternative learning environments, hidden curriculum/architecture without architects in the library, walking/making/thinking in the landscape with clay.


    Strong Voices/Interfaith part of Hyde 900, The Link Gallery, University of Winchester. 2010

    The Human Body, absences/presences,traces left through drawing and field chalk on paper.


    10 Days at The Laundry, Winchester. Urban Fallow Project/Thinking Sociologically. 2009

    Large communal arts project organized by The Yard Artists and Winchester School of Art.

    Developed a roving pinhole camera from a oil drum which was used as an apparatus and spatial practice from which to engage with other practitioners and members of the public.


    Wolvesey Castle,Winchester, Live theatre, music and arts installations. 2007

    Installation in the foundations and medieval drainage channels of the ruins.

    Childhood “armada” oversized paper boats in restricted area, only accessed via raised viewing platform.


    Hampshire Open Studios, Bramdean. 2006

    Drawings, artist's books, photography and sculpture all housed in a temporary art space appropriated from a greenhouse (white washed interior throughout with limited access to 2-3 viewers at a time).


    Drawing Spaces : Picturing Knowledge (an interactive artwork) 2006

    Hartley Library, University of Southampton.


    Hampshire Open Studios, Bramdean. 2006

    Drawings, artist's books, photography and sculpture all housed in a temporary art space appropriated from a greenhouse (white washed interior throughout with limited access to 2-3 viewers at a time).