archival pigment print

An image from my first solo show, 'A Growing Dance'.

A Growing Dance is a personal investigation into the body of the mother-artist.

This year has been one of transformation. Often it feels like my body has been given over to another, it is no longer mine. It is something foreign to me, awkward, disjointed, uncomfortable; at the same time, I know it to be a site of tremendous strength and power, a life-giving vessel.

A long-standing fascination with drapery has developed into an exploration of sculptural cloth forms. Drapery has many varied and loaded cultural, historical, and metaphorical connotations. I am most interested in its fetishistic qualities, its fluidity and seductiveness, as well as the parallels that can be drawn between its folds and folds of flesh. At once the material can be both something which hides or reveals, and act as a symbol of, the body.

Using a range of media, with a focus on photography and installation, I have attempted to reconcile my external being with the many complex thoughts and emotions that have arisen internally since becoming a mother.