Location: Freelands Foundation, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8UR

Aggregate 2022, a group exhibition that brings together the work of 21 artists in the Freelands Artist Programme (cohort 2) working across the UK, including artists based in Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and Sheffield.

Sculpture, sound works, textiles, print, written word, film and installation, painting and site-specific interventions offer an insight into new approaches to making and the most urgent topics being considered by artists today. This exhibition is interspersed with artworks that invite moments of contemplation, encouraging a re-examination of our own positions within contemporary cities and systems.

Conversations unfold between works that address the individual concerns of each artist by re-imagining the world we live in, including works that interrogate our current conditions and construct alternative spaces to occupy – from a never-to-make-it noise band to an imagined matriarchal moss colony. In other works, stories are woven together, treading the line between fiction and reality, drawing on mythology, histories and archives that range from Robinson Crusoe to a compendium of fourteenth century mythical biographies.

Artists: @beccaandclareareartists, @brownandbri, @jo_is_ok_, @jamesklclarkson, @mitch_conlon, @freya_dooley, @rebecca_gould, @maud_haya, @jennybhogarth, @cekcahet (that’s me), @victoria_lucas_gallery, @jasminsilentj, @william_j_roberts, @rogersconor, @sssss_rose, @raeyensong, @eothenstearn, @neasa_terry, @myspecialistsubject, @jowhittleart

Thurs to Sunday 12-6pm
Nearest tube: Chalk Farm