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Pippa Eason

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 08.09.2016



    Artist Statement

    Pippa Eason (b.1993), is a contemporary artist, based in Manchester. Recent shows include, ‘Empty Vessels’, Scaffold Gallery, August 2018, Manchester. ‘Extended Call’, Subsidiary Projects, September 2018, London. ‘Sense’, Spanish City, November 2018, Newcastle. ‘FIG.1 LIMELIGHT’, Muddy Yard, December 2018, London, solo ‘The Ball of My Foot’, SEAGER Gallery, April 2019, London, ‘FUN’ GRAFT Gallery, October 2019, Lancaster, and ‘Much Too Shy’ AIR Gallery, July 2020, Manchester.


    Eason’s work makes observations of popular aesthetics and internet culture through the medium of sculpture. Her practice co-opts the crispness of online formats with a hand-crafted touch, hinting at smartphone addiction, meme culture, and her early memory of objects. Her sculpture is ambiguous, though aims to pick up on - and visually start to unpick - trends in art, fashion and pop culture, mapping the direct impact aesthetic shifts in contemporary culture have on visual artists. She makes work to inhabit a space, to twist and curl around it playfully, ‘serious play' being intrinsic to Eason’s practice. She uses nostalgia as a tool, with gentle humour, and gives a nod to a time where things seemed simple. She allows her work to have vulnerabilities, making many small works that fit into a family of forms.




    CV & Education



    Pippa Eason



    Writer for YAC


    Pippa Eason b.1993 is a contemporary artist, based in Manchester.


    Eason's work makes observations of performative online gesture through sculpture, digital drawings, GIFs, and collages. Her practice symbolizes the crispness of advertising, with a hand-crafted touch. She makes comments on our positions as artists in the emerging art world, with hints at status anxiety, smartphone addiction, and meme culture. Her sculpture is ambiguous, though they aim to pick up on trend aesthetics in art, fashion and pop culture.


    Selected Group Shows


    ‘Follies of Youth’ with Pavillion, performance, December 2013, Leeds.


    ‘De-CON-Struction’, November 2015, Liverpool


    ‘TPA X MUESLI Projects’, at Funf in the Baltic Triangle, April 2016, Threshold Festival, Liverpool


    ‘A Message out of The Big Blue’, June 2016, Another Vacant Space, Berlin


    ‘Group Show 1: Taction’ September 2016, serf, Leeds


    ‘Glitter is not Gold’ 2016, Four Words: MARKET, curated by Alan Dunn, September 2016, Leeds


    ‘Isthisit? AFK’, November 2016, New Cross, London


    ‘An Evening With isthisit?’, December 2016, Suffolk


    ‘I miss you, Blockbuster’ for isthisit? March 2017, London


    ‘An Offering to Baba Yaga’, March 2017, serf, Leeds


    Group exhibition ‘Is This Real Lyf??’, June 2017, B&D studios, Newcastle.


    Small world, PS Mirabel, July 2017, Manchester


    Dishwasher Safe, System Gallery, August 2017 Newcastle


    ‘Cluny X Misugo’, The Whitworth Gallery, September 2017, Manchester


    Sluice Biennial, September 2017, Hackney, London


    A City of Two Tales, April 2018, Depot Studios, Manchester


    Tough Matter X Site Gallery, July 2018, Sheffield


    Empty Vessels, Scaffold Gallery, Bankley Gallery, August 2018, Manchester


    Sense, Spanish City, November 2018, Newcastle


    FIG.1 LIMELIGHT, Muddy Yard, December 2018, London



    Solo shows


    ‘The Vitrines: Pippa Eason’ Solo exhibition curated by William Clarke, March 2016, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds


    ‘Set In Stone’, October, 2016, residency and exhibition at Basement Arts Project, Leeds


    ‘From The Past and Future’, January 2018, York College Gallery, York


    ‘The Ball of My Foot’, April 2019, Seager Gallery, London



    Duo shows


    ‘Penny Idol$ at White Cloth’, July 2016, collaborative exhibition with Emily Tomasso, White Cloth Gallery, Leeds


    FILLA, with designer Nick Booton, January 2017, Lamberts Yard Gallery, Leeds


    ‘Still Scrolling’ with Ellie Hoskins, February 2017, The Trophy Room, Liverpool


    ‘IN THE PINK’, with Joseph Cotgrave, April 2017, serf, Leeds.


    SubLIME s l I m e with Zoe Molloy at Goldtapped Gallery, January 2018, Newcastle



    Selected: residencies | internships | talks | interviews | publications


    ‘7 Second Tour’,  in association with Basement Arts Project, December 2015. Opening for publication, Leeds Art Gallery


    Internship for ‘Filming Sculpture’  May-June 2016, The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


    ‘Doremifasolasido’ Residency August 2016, Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria


    Talk with Emily Tomasso for SPUR at The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield


    Interview as part of the isthisit? magazine, London.


    Online residency for inhabit, by i.o.u.a.e, Newcastle.


    Interview as part of the isthisit? magazine, London. -


    Launch of isthisit? Issue 2, ‘The Choice of a New Generation’, Essay contributed, The Muse Gallery, London


    Cluny Glad & Sorry Issue, November 2017, Manchester


    RUNG Magazine, Issue 1, Bristol


    Isthisit? ‘Its Only Romantic on The Internet’ online exhibition


    Artist workshop with Zoe Molloy, February 2018, GOLDTAPPED, Newcastle


    Selected reviews:


    Art In Liverpool- By Ian Jackson


    Art In Liverpool -  By Patrick Kirk-Smith


    Corridor8 - By Lara Eggleton


    Corridor 8 -  by Sarah Davies





    BA Hons Fine Art


    MA Art & Design