DNA season combines three exhibitions:
'Faith' (Bracknell Gallery) presents Pauline Pratt's research into DNA collection and audience participation. The exhibition invites the viewer to work on a series of workstations: an array of tubes containing crystal clear liquids; TV monitors showing scientific ritual; isolated DNA strands preserved on glass creating an ever evolving archive of anonymous samples. The exhibition is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the School of Medicine, University of Southampton and the arts organisation aspace.
'What's the Difference!' by Pam Skelton (Mirror Gallery) uses chromosomes as a means of suggesting the human body without depicting it. The interface between the biological and the social raises ethical considerations such as definitions of what is “normal” and “what is acceptable” and “who decides”.
'Evolution' by Berkshire Designer Jewellers (Tall Hall) explores designer jewellery and metal work responding to the theme of DNA as well as selected pieces from the makers' collections.