Location: James Hockey Gallery, UCA , Farnham

A collection of diverse works contemplating contemporary subjects brought together through the joint experience of studying together during lockdown and the pandemic. The resilience and dedication of the artists' to their work captured in this exhibition.

Operating within their own bubbles, while the world lay dormant, the 2021 MA UCA Farnham Fine Art Graduates developed their practice disseminating their art in kitchens, hallways, gardens and online. This was the unexpected situation for the 2021 MA UCA Farnham Fine Art Graduates contributing to Alt-terior, as they found solace and escape in their far-reaching practices, creating and discovering alternatives to their everyday lived reality.

The works have been created from the artists’ own experiences, both imagined and actual, during a time unlike anything most of us have lived through before. The exhibition features a broad range of materials, processes and methodologies highlighting both the collective and individual responses to creating work during a time of upheaval, uncertainty and crisis.

Alt-terior presents a selection of works that mark the completion of the artists’ fine art studies. This alternative iteration of their work, available to the public for the first time, is an opportunity to create new forms, thresholds and connections with each other and with the viewer.