This is a response to the various roles I play in my life as mother, wife and artist; and how they each create boundaries / tension with each other. I decided to wear my wedding dress as a symbol of the weight I carry when trying to be experimental and explorative in my art practise. The heavy wedding dress a symbol of the domestic goddess and subservient wife that I grew up to idolise through role play as a child. It is ironic that my wedding dress that I wore in 2007 is now two sizes too small; not only does the dress not fit, but I don't fit into the role that the cumbersome restrictive dress symbolises. The mental struggle becomes a physical one as I battle with the physicality of the dress and my body to attempt to demolish a tumble dryer (the "domestic goddess'" tool) with a sledge hammer (a "man's tool") that weighed 7lb (the weight of an average British baby).