Location: Warwick Way London, SW1V 4HS

I will be performing on the evening of Saturday 2nd March as part of this exciting project. exact location address will be announced this week - keep eyes peeled by signing up to the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/398089597626666/?active_tab=about

You are warmly invited to join the radical salon of ‘look what the cat dragged in’.

Over the course of 2 nights, this experimental and site-specific event invites 11 artists to occupy the rooms of a private house located in West London with performance, sculpture, installation and video works.

This domestic space, both grand and kitsch, is loaded with representations linked to the feminine, heteronormative family values, and upper-class privilege. In an attempt to create a “détournement”, the artists will respond to the place to disrupt and question its normative power. Coined by Guy Debord and the Situationists, ‘détournement’ refers to a method of “hijacking” or subverting an existing cultural product or concept to turn it against itself.

Daria Blum
Selina Bonelli
Antonio Branco & Riccardo T.
Liz Calvi
Helen Cammock
Rebecca Jagoe
Georgia Lucas-Going
Miriam Naeh
Natalie Ramus
Joseph Morgan Schofield

Curated by Clémentine Proby and Stein van der Ziel

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of March from 6pm

Please RSVP with name and day at [email protected]

Warwick Way
London, SW1V 4HS

? exact address will be communicated a few days before the event - follow the event to stay updated
? performances start at 6:30pm
? please don't ring the bell, just knock on the door
? drinks & snacks provided - please bring cash for donations!!

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

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