A two-phase public public participatory art paroject asking people to share anonymously "What Moments Have Shaped You...You?".
Phases 1 -Public Engagment July 2016- Dec. 2017
Phase 2- Exhibition: June 17-July 15 2017 at the ACT Art Gallery, Maple Ridge, BC Canada.
Do you believe that like trees, we people also have growth rings? Metaphorically speaking, personal growth rings that people can't tell from the outside, only you know from the inside what have shaped you the person you are today. Join us to take a moment to tell moments in your life that have given you lasting impacts on you as a human being. Tell your story anonymously at www.ourdefiningmoments.org
The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery.