Commissioned by, Inverness in 1999, Highland roadworks was made on a series of extended road trips around the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. Experiencing and exploring landscapes in the days of analogue photography, the resulting body of work contained 3 strands that were exhibited together: the intimate colour landscapes including encounters with animal and plant inhabitants, the wide view biscuit tin pinholes of beauty spots and Faces from a Flock: the black and white portraits of Black Face sheep - 15 in total from one flock. At the time, sheep outnumbered people in the Scottish highlands at a ratio of 10:1.
With the initial support of and then the Fringe gallery in Glasgow, Highland roadworks toured several venues all over Scotland and then went to Donegal County Council venues in Ireland who purchased the Gorse series for their permanent collection. It later went to Impressions Photography Gallery in York and to the Miller Geisler Gallery in New York City, USA where Dow Jones purchased some of the sheep portraits for their permanent collection.