Solo Exhibition
Galleria Melissa
London 2015

Mercury 13 takes its title from a phrase coined during the height of the Cold War and with the US-Soviet space race was well under way. Several female volunteers underwent the same aerospace tests their male contemporaries had undergone a few years earlier. Of those entered, 13 successfully completed these identical phases of testing as their male counterparts. However, entrants mysteriously began dropping out, and when NASA abruptly cut the process short, the newly-dubbed Mercury 13 - after the Mercury 7 men - were grounded indefinitely, their place in history erased.

In the video work, Broadmeadow has worked with several female dancers of different disciplines, ranging from breakdance, to belly dance, to create characters which put a more female perspective onto the idea of the cosmos. The resulting projection and its use of mirrors, looks to achieve a sense of infinity, and a time to reflect on the women of Mercury 13 who never had the chance to fly.