Let The Stars Be Set Upon The Board has been made in response to the mysterious object known as the Antikythera Mechanism. The world’s most ancient computer, a piece of displaced technology, millennia ahead of its time, was found sitting at the bottom of the sea. It’s a scientific anomaly, whose purpose appears to have been to chart the movements of our moon and neighboring planets, yet it also seems to have settings for Greek and Egyptian calendars, therefore it confuses perceptions of culture and mythology. Who made it? What was it really for? Was it lost or discarded? Have we lost our true knowledge of our planet and stars?
The artwork comprising of a wave long metal tank and wave machine acts as barrier and communicator between the two digitalized performers who represent the Greek and Egyptian calendars on the machine. Waves dominate the work, referencing the time the Antikythera Mechanism lay beneath the sea, and the communication of our planet, moon and cosmos for which the mechanism was designed to calculate millennia ago..