Approved: 25.03.2007

Megan Broadmeadow

Artist, Arts development worker, Film-maker, Gallery educator, Maker, Project manager

Approved: 25.03.2007

My aims for my work are to continue to explore immersivity, and our complex relationships to objects. To understand how objects and environments affect our subconscious, and bring a little touch of magic to peoples lives.

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Artist Statement

My aims for my work are to continue to explore immersivity, and our complex relationships to objects. To understand how objects and environments affect our subconscious, and bring a little touch of magic to peoples lives.

As a sculptor I use physical and ephemeral materials to manipulate the experience of viewing an object. I incorporate lighting, sound and projection to manipulate the space and create illusions around, within and across objects. I use video as a material of the work, and create fantasy characters and psychedelic imagery that is often encased within the work; turning sculptures into performing objects, as a means to explore my fascination with the idea of ‘Sculpture Theatre.’ [1]

I’m increasingly drawn to using materials that are usually found in nightclubs and theatres and explore how they can become materials for artworks. My interest lies in seeing how lights, staging and truss can step out from backstage and become the focal point of a piece of work.   I often use mirrors theatrically to blur the boundaries of objects and create a disorientation of space whilst also reflecting or rejecting the gaze of the viewer.

Light plays a big part in my work; I illuminate objects as well as producing work might that emits its own light.  I indulge in colours through light and matter and often use patterned fabrics which are integrated into sculptures and installations.  I enjoy playing with these materials in combinations so that the colours in fabric and surface of sculptures become affected by changes in led lighting, or projection mapping.


[1] A phrase coined by Paul McCarthy

Megan Broadmeadow was born in Manchester in 1978, after moving between Wales and London and Africa now lives in Bristol.

She graduated from a BA at the Slade in 2002 and MFA from Goldsmiths in 2014. On both occaaaions she gained a distiction for her work.

Recent solo shows:

Astro Raggi, Plymouth Arts Centre, 2016; A Corruption of Mass, Standpoint London, 2016. and Mercury 13, Galleria Melissa, London 2015.

Recent commissions include: Cardiff Contemporary (2016), Blinc Festival (2015) and am currently developing a forthcoming commission for the National Eisteddfod of Wales (2018).


Elephant Trust grant with Ben Borthwick 2015/16

2015-16 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award holder

2014 - AxisWeb MA Stars ( selected by Judith Carlton)

2011 Welsh artist of the Year ( highly commended)


CV & Education


Green Man Festival - Commison SEEK PRAY ADVANCE- Episode 2- THE FOURTH KIND

August, 2018.

National Eisteddfod Wales, new major site-specific commission, August 2018.

QUAD, Derby 2019.  Solo Show- SEEK PRAY ADVANCE- Episode 3



2017  Arts Council England, research and development grant.

2015  Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, Standpoint Gallery, London.

2014  Axis web MA Stars, selected by Judith Carlton of Matts Gallery.

2013  Arts Council of Wales Research and Development Grant.

2011  Welsh Artist of the Year, Highly Commended prize.


Solo exhibitions:

2018    SEEK PRAY ADVANCE- Episode 1, Eyes Only. CGP Gallery, London.

2016    Astro Raggi, Plymouth Arts Center. England.

2016    A corruption of Mass, Standpoint Gallery, London.

2015     Mercury 13

             Galeria Melissa, Covenant Garden, London

2014     Under The Influence,

             Unit#1, g39 Gallery, Cardiff.

2011     Imagination Orbits, Gwynedd Museum, Bangor.

2007     It’s a Wonder/ Dyna Rhyfedod.

             National Eisteddfod Wales,  Mold.

2006     Theatre Freuddwydion/Theatre of Dreams.

             Galeri Caernarfon.

2003     Wish You Were Here?

             Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, North Wales.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018   Commison for  CCQ magazine, Featured print collaboration, issue 14.

           Experimentica, live art festival, Chapter, Cardiff

2017   Fresh Meet, with Srah Roberts and Mitra Saubury, EBC, Bristol

2016  Cardiff Contemporary, New commissioned work, October 2016.

            Selected VI  -Videoclub, national tour of video work as part of selected  

            artists screenings. For full venue list see:      


            Both Sides Now 3, Screenings in East Asia.


2015    Blinc, (Projection mapped video commission)

            digital arts and projection festival, Conwy, North Wales.

            Staging the Artwork, Article Gallery, Birmingham.

            Llawn 03, Arts Festival, Llandudno, North Wales.

            Play Me I’m Yours, Canary Wharf, London.

            Best In Show, curated by Its All Tropical, The Art Academy, London.

2014    Penumbra curated by VERB, APT gallery, Deptford, London.

            To Begin at The Beginning, curated by Sam Perry, NURTUREart,

            Brooklyn, New York.

            You Who Are Strangers, Peer Trialogues;

            Residency with Lisa Selby and Vera Kox. ASC Gallery, Southwark, London.

2013    Box of Delights, Conwy Feast Festival, Conwy.   Curated by Bedwyr Williams
            Post / Post, St James Church, New Cross.  

            This is The End (Part 2) 319, Melrose New York.                  

            Plants V’s Zombies, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam, NL.

            Punk Salon, Schwartz Gallery, Hackney Wick, London.

            Ffilm 4 , Glyn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. (Video Screening).

2012    Kill The lollipop. Lewisham Art House, London.

            The Man Don't Give A Fuck. Motorcade Flash Parade, Bristol.

             11433.83 /Two Sides of the Same Coin.

            The Russian Frost Farmers & g39  Gallery,  Wellington, New Zealand

2011    Welsh Artist of The Year. St Davids Hall, Cardiff.

            Pidgin Show. Pidgin Gallery as part of Hackney WickED festival, London.

            Wunderland. Tactile Bosch Cardiff.

            Make Room. Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff.(with Faff Collective)

2010    Here Lies Art. Nunhead Cemetery, London.

2009    Mumchance and Guise. EFDSS, Cecil Sharpe House, London.

            Thoroughly Modern Dora. Wilseden Green Library, London.

            Locws 4, Art Across the City. Locws International, Swansea.

2005    Roadshow, Real Institute and Grizedale Arts, North Wales.