Approved: 21.11.2008

Marianne Wilde

Artist, Researcher

Approved: 21.11.2008

I am a visual artist with a background in two disciplines, that of the visual arts and creative writing. I tend to work on a project basis drawing creative inspiration and influence from the environment in which my practice is taking place. I use mixed media in my work that is wide ranging in form and I often use experimental and /or unstable materials in my studio practice. Drawing upon both visual

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Artist Statement

I am a visual artist with a background in two disciplines, that of the visual arts and creative writing. I tend to work on a project basis drawing creative inspiration and influence from the environment in which my practice is taking place. I use mixed media in my work that is wide ranging in form and I often use experimental and /or unstable materials in my studio practice. Drawing upon both visual and linguistic approaches my work draws on images and textual elements that are disturbed and/or changed. It is this 'disturbance' of the physical image/word or material that is a recurring theme throughout my work that in particular examines the narratives that emerge from creating objects that are inhabited by a sense of absence or invisibility combined with a restrictive view. My creative experiments have used a number of materials conventionally associated with an expanded definition of fine art practice, such as glass, paper, photography and film; but they also include materials used in clinical experimentation such as gels. My current research investigations cross between, and combine, the two disciplines of art and science both through the materials of an arts practice and a scientific laboratory and through the methods and conventions of display that are generally adopted within both of these fields of knowledge. It is into this unstable environment that text and images are introduced, held, changed and finally 'unsettled'. Through practical and reflective exploration, my research practice aims to get closer to the experience of 'wondering' rather than 'knowing', creating a gap in understanding that then leaves room for the narrative structure of metaphorical 'story-making' and 'imagining' to occur.

CV & Education

Dr Marianne Wilde


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Chapbook, Newcastle Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne

2020 Evolution or Revolution?, The Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

2019 PEALS 20th Anniversary Exhibition, The Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

2017 Strange Harvest, The Old Low Light Heritage Centre, North Shields, Tyne & Wear

2016 A Bird in the Hand…, The Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

2012 The Unsolved Case (Der ungelöste Fall), Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

2011 Presents as... International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Origins & Endings, The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

2019 Black Box Pop up Cinema, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne

2015 A Foreign Encounter, Galerie FOE, Munich, Germany    2014 Proof, Ex-LibrisGallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

2012 Teaser, Baltic 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

2012 Intersections, International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

2011 Fresh, XL Gallery,Newcastle upon Tyne

2009 Reflexivity, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge

2008 British Glass Biennale, Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge 2008 New Blood, SaltburnGallery, Saltburn by the Sea

2008 Postgraduates Art Show, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset

2007 Postgraduate Degree Show, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne


Arts Projects/Collaborations

2015 - 2016 A Bird in the Hand…, Research Fellowship, Great North Museum

2013 Conversation Pieces, AHRC Cultural Engagement Research Project, BALTIC 39 & Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle 

2012 Shadowland Photo-Poetry for ESRC Genomics Network, Edinburgh University with Professor Volker Straub,University of Newcastle

2009 – 2012 Collaborative PhD, TREAT-NMD, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle 

2009 Time Flies, Amble, Haltwhistle, Seahouses, Northumberland

2008 Site Lines, Carlisle Park Sculpture Trail, Carlisle Park, Morpeth, Northumberland 2006 Future Platforms, PublicArt, Architecture Week, North Tyneside

Collaboration: Glass Arc

2005 Talking Posts: Public Art Installation, Blyth, Northumberland Collaboration: Henry Amos


2012 Intersections Exhibition/Panel Discussion 2012 Science Festival

As part of Newcastle Science Festival Northumbria University and the Centre for Life held an   exhibition and paneldiscussion. Can art influence science and does science influence art?


2016 Interview Natural Histories Radio 4

2013 Northern Echo Article





 Employment:  Roles and Experience


2017-Present Research Associate, PEALS, Newcastle University

·       Project management and development of PEALS 20th Anniversary Celebration events and exhibitions

·       Artist residency Portabolomics Synthetic Biology Project, engagement events and new work for exhibition at The Great North Museum 2020

·       Curation and development of new work for exhibition showcasing PEALS collaborative research at the Hatton Gallery 2020

·       Development and writing of a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement grant application 

·       Carrying out contextual background research, literature review and budget

·       Coordinating a multi-partner Wellcome Collaborative grant application for Humanities and Social Sciences 

·       Conducting research relevant to the grant application, leading on the Public Engagement proposal for the grant including drafting Pathways to Impact, resource and data management plans.  


Previous Employment

2016-2017 Research Associate, Dementia & Imagination (AHRC), Newcastle University

·       Conducted and contributed to research into arts practice and dementia care

·       Worked with other artists to contribute qualitative data to the debates around arts practice and health care

·       Developed research ideas and wrote a journal paper Beyond language: narratives of dementia around creative activity and connected communities (In process)

2015-2016 Enterprise Fellow Medical Humanities, Northumbria University

·       Developed existing and potential research and shared creative interests around the Medical Humanities and science/art collaborations, including health and well-being across the Faculty of Arts, Design & Social Sciences

·       Created an Academic Research Forum to focus on interdisciplinary collaborations across the University

·        Developed research collaborations that contributed to the enterprise strength and expertise across the faculties 

·       Developed potential links with external partners in the cultural and creative sector. 

2015 – 2016 Senior Research Assistant, Arts and Humanities Public Policy Engagement

·       Development and planning of a Public Policy Impact training programme for Arts and Humanities early career researchers 

·       Worked collaboratively with academic and external collaborators in the cultural sector in order to up skill researchers 

·       Developed multi-disciplinary connections between researchers in the arts and humanities and policy makers for the exchange and development of ideas. 

2015-2016 Great North Museum Research Fellow, Fine Art, Newcastle University

·       Arts Fellowship to showcase arts practice and research through publically accessible displays, resources, events and outreach activities. 

·       Produced new work and exhibited at The Great North Museum 

2013-2015 Research Associate, School of Arts & Cultures, Newcastle University

·       Project management and delivery of an interdisciplinary project that connected the debates of fine art and urban design. 

·       Teaching on post graduate intensive summer programme Creating a Context for Fine Art and Architecture students

·       Carried out research and investigated how a contemporary public artwork can meaningfully contribute to the reshaping of the multi-faceted debate around the term Sustainability

·       Worked closely with external collaborators to deliver a large public artwork located on Dunston Staithes

·       Organised and contributed to the project symposium at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

2012-2013 Senior Research Assistant, Fine Art, Northumbria University

·       Designed and delivered a research project investigating the creative processes that can occur between the artist and the research scientists during the narration and visualisation of disease and scientific experimentation 

·       Made new works in response to collaborations

·       Organised and contributed to a round table event Conversation Pieces at BALTIC 39

2010-2011 Module Tutor, Northumbria University

·       Teaching during PhD research on MRes Arts, Research Development Module  

 2002-2010 Visiting Lecturer, Creative Writing, Northumbria University

·       Design and development of short Creative Writing courses

2002-Present Freelance Artist


 Grants & Awards

Great North Museum Research Fellowship 2015 

AHRC Cultural Engagement Grant 2013

AHRC fully funded PhD Studentship 2009 -2012



Wilde M. (2015) Location: The art of making place. In Guy S (ed) Catalyst: Art, Place and Sustainability in the Work ofWolfgang Weileder. Berlin: Kerber. 2015

Connelly, A., S. C. Guy, T. Edward Wainwright, W. Weileder, and M. Wilde. 2016. Catalyst: reimagining sustainability with and through fine art. Ecology and Society 21(4):21.


Research Papers/Presentations

2014 The Jetty Project, On Sustainability International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Seeing & saying: making the invisible visible, TREAT-NMD International Conference, Geneva, Switzerland

2011 Seeing Stories, Research Seminar Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne

2010 Language Lab, Research Dissemination & Metaphor Collection, Jennifer Trust Conference, Stratford upon Avon

2010 Words as Things, Poster Presentation, NEPG Biosciences Conference

2010 Words as things: visual metaphors and scientific explanations in the context of arts and health researchNorthumbria University School of Design PhD Conference,

2010 Words as things: visual metaphors and scientific explanations in the context of arts and health research, SharedResonance Conference, University of Sunderland


Qualifications and Training

2009 - 2012 AHRC Funded PhD Research Seeing & Saying: Visual imaginings for disease causing genetic mutations,Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne

2007 MA Art Practice: Fine Art (Distinction), Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne 2000 MA Creative Writing,Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne

1998 Adult Teaching Certificate Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne

1997 BA English & History Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne