As a result of Covid-19 The Portico Library is currently closed. However, you can still have a virtual experience of their current exhibition, Talking Sense,

The Portico Library first opened in 1806. Several of its early members worked at the nearby Manchester Lunatic Hospital, the first institution in England set up – in its own words – to provide “humane treatment of mental disease”. Here, we have displayed books from the Library’s collection that introduce historical ideas about the mind and brain, alongside fifty artworks by artists working today who have encountered mental health systems or explored psychological themes in their work.

Prior to Covid-19, while visitors were still able to get inside the beautiful Portico Library, I received lots of very positive feedback about by being, ‘Charmaine’. I am delighted that her ‘otherness’ and ‘personality’ has been so positively received.

The online version of the exhibition shows all 50 artists works and also close up images and more information from some of the books from The Portico Library collection which have associated information and themes to the exhibition. And in the online version you can also read more about curator, James Moss’s thought process when curating Talking Sense.