I am delighted to have been selected to show Charmaine as part of ‘Talking Sense’; an exhibition curated by James Moss at The Portico Library, Manchester.

The exhibition explores the evolution of the language used around humans’ mental and emotional experiences. With attitudes shifting towards compassion in policy and treatment, terms such as wellbeing, recovery and mental health are being re-examined, and their connotations questioned. Words like neurodiversity have emerged to describe the world of mind and brain/thought and feeling in a less stigmatising way.
James has taken phrases from ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ (1952) and after putting them through a complex jumbling/reconfiguring process (making use of the ‘infallible’ Google Translate) he has paired them with a broad range of contemporary artworks.

Charmaine has been paired with ‘Riot’