'What we see is not what is....what we see is not exactly what we get....'

This film questions how identity, perception and stereotypes are portrayed And overlap to provide different meanings and readings revealing that some Issues are timeless and ever present in our lives. The film tells the story of the Women photographed in vintage knitting patterns I had collected dating from the 1950's. Each character narrates common themes and issues we all face. Along with these tales, we hear the ongoing debates in visual culture and the modern world that link back to the previous time when the images were taken. Into the film are weaved film techniques used in the 1950's with the related internal monologue created by 'extreme close up' and 'close up'.

These References to film terminology are employed to emphasis 'moving image' when utilising stills from found imagery; the use of archive and still images Perhaps makes it harder to be confident of what we are seeing and in turn This considers 'reality' in another time and space.

  • Dimensions: 3 mins 30 secs
  • Artforms: Film & video
  • Tags: gender, women, knitting, concerns