Approved: 19.09.2017

Judith Burrows

Artist, Film-maker, Maker

Approved: 19.09.2017

Judith Burrows    Artist Statement

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    Artist Statement

    Judith Burrows    Artist Statement

    Judith Burrows’ film and photography background plays a significant role in her mixed media images. Her interests are in exploring place; our relationship to our surroundings, the unique resonance of a particular location, and the woven narrative in the context of the contemporary. While each location has an intrinsic and unique socio-political and historical significance, research photographs using several different cameras and old film stock taken as reference, reveal a variety of alternative dialogue. New narrative layers are exposed that provide inspiration and the starting point for her mixed media artwork. Abstract mono-prints created using a variety of papers, still photographs, text, and relevant found material are worked over with layers of oil paint, gouache, and ink. By overlapping in repetitive layout and composition, and intensifying the particularities of light and graphic elements, the relevance and emotional intent of a location is slowly unraveled. The narratives that emerge are rooted in contemporary political and social context; the daily news and world events influence the course of the image and create an on-going debate. Meanwhile, the multiple layers and textures with color over Black and White, seem to challenge concepts of time and memory, combining a sense of age and agelessness, in the embedded episodes, played out like a series of film stills. This is exaggerated by the presence of small, lone figures that appear lost or awkward….perhaps a reflection of the artists own inner response to political chaos and uncertainty.

    MA study at the RCA has compounded these ideas. Lostness, Uncertainty and Disempowerment, Precarity and Fragility. I am exploring ideas of apprehension of the individual and of society, in the global chaos and current ecological crisis. The original concepts began with the localised political and societal unease in UK in 2018, 2019, and have gravitated into the wider global concerns and the vulnerability of humanity in relation to the environment. I am exploring the connectivity of the universe, the fragile reliance that all inhabitants and habitats have on each other and the vulnerability of the ‘infrastructure’.     

    My ideas are reflected in cold, hard metals, fragile sharp glass,­­­ and degradable papers: materials that decay and atrophy with time, waste materials that have been discarded, abandoned. On canvas, lone figures, empty streets, husks of buildings in vast landscapes stretch to infinity. On metal, layers of mild steel, and copper are degraded by natural and man-made processes, and human intervention creating a disorder The papers, mined metals, and minerals, processed for human usage, are returned to a more precarious form. The fragility of glass, is a container for the rust dust, or acid effluent of decay.                   The metal begins as formless sheets of manufactured product that I leave exposed to the elements. Natural processes of corrosion, and decay; wind, rain, and sun, are harnessed in a controlled environment using a mix of corrosive substances, and vegetation. Degraded to a point of fragility, a breaking point, the materials are then carefully ‘re-worked’, printed, and imprinted, painted, or welded together in sculptural form for connective installation. They convey an unrefined quality, the paper torn and fragile, the canvas razed and rough, the metal crude and indelicate, expressing a vulnerability with razor-sharp edges.  The rich tones that emerge in each process reveal sublime colours of pollution, in contrast with the coarseness of the materials. The works become a collaborative theatre, interacting and connecting with each other. A cube, small and vulnerable hangs in precarious isolation on the wall. A field of instability, a wasteland of objects, a sense of society collapsed, a sense of loss.

    CV & Education

    Judith Burrows                                    [email protected]

    Painting, photography and film                

    Judith Burrows is an artist and award-winning short film-maker : drama, documentary, arts documentary, and music video.


    2018-2020 : The Royal College of Art: MA Fine art ; Print

    2013-2014 ‘Developing Fine Art Practice’ : City Lit, London     2010-2013 painting, life drawing and printing short courses                                                                  

    1989-1992 : BA hons (1st) Film and Photography University of Westminster


    2020: RWA Open : Royal West of England Academy, Bristol : ‘Chaos in Paradise’ Triptych

    2020 : Beyond Other Horizinons : Iasi Palace of Culture, Romania : Group show          Works on paper : Lithographs : accompanying catalogue and exhibition to be re-located in UK

    2020 : Southwark Park Gallery, Lake Gallery 28 Feb - 01 March :  ‘In Review’ Group Show Installation ‘Uncertain States’ Metal sculptures and printed lithograph.

    2020: Southwark Park Gallery, Lake Gallery 28 Feb - 01 March: Book Edition - On Waste, currently touring at Artist Book Fairs Internationally

    2019 : Black Swan Arts - Group show open call: Sculptture En Estos Momentos : silk screen Print on assorted Metal sheet and perforated steel.  

    2019 : Work included in Print Edition : 2020

    2019 : The Brexit Show : Courtyard Gallery,  Royal College of Art. 'It was Written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice" : Mixed Media Oil Painting on canvas 122cmx92cm

    2018 : Espacio Gallery : Open call group Show,  5 large canvases, mixed media and Oils in response to Roof-op collective photographers. 

    2016-2017 : Cecil Sharp House ; SOLO show ‘Narratives of Location’ mixed media and site specific hanging  installation

    2015 August : :Lucy Bell Gallery : St Leonards on Sea; Group show; Work on paper.

    2015: Candid arts, Spring Open : mixed media, large oil paintings      

    2015: VAI Islington: January 2015 : mixed media, large oil paintings          

    2014: Espacio Gallery : mixed media, large oil paintings 

    2014 Queen Elizabeth Hall : Film screening Bridges

    2013  Queen Elizabeth Hall 3 screen Film screening : Ragged Kingdom

    2009:: Finsbury Park Gallery: Photography: London Landscapes   

    2008: Lurcher Gallery,Broadstairs : Photography Acoustic Landscapes

    2007: Barbican Library Gallery : Photographic solo show Acoustic landscapes, Underwater Nudes and London Landscapes. Postcards from this show sold at Tate Modern

    2006: Film award – Skimming        2006: Venice Digital film festival: Carwash: Film Festival screenings worldwide

    2006. Westbourne Studios; Film screening ‘Spirit of the City’ alongside London Landscapes

    2003 National Theatre Exterior ::film screening Pulse with designed soundscape from speakers along the Southbank

    National Portrait Gallery    Terry O’Neil shoots AA Gill:                                             

    National Portrait Gallery    Bromberg and Chanarin                                 

    Odeon Leicester Square      The spirit of Capital                   

    1999, Film . Saving Grace, BBC2, TV Ireland, Soho House:–                                          

    1998, Edinburgh festival : Film Saving Grace,                                                                     

     1993 :Los Angeles AFI Film Festival : Fiim Georgia                                                          

    1993 Washington DCFF : Fiim Georgia 1993 broadcast worldwide.                                      

    1992: London Film Festival Fiim Georgia? -