Site specific window intervention in an old tabernacle in Port Talbot, South Wales.

The tabernacle was run down and neglected and some of the windows in the more public facing rooms had stained glass, but this room didn't. This piece of work was one of a number of pieces that considered how the tabernacle's different rooms might have been used and the many architectural choices that had been made for the space.

This work sought to redress the aesthetic hierarchal balance in the building by redressing the window, placing a greater worth on this space with this customised cloak of colour, that mimicked the other stained glass windows, yet was made out of recycled plastic bags and so in balance with the rooms current neglected aesthetic.

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  • Dimensions: 300 x 100
  • Artforms: Architecture , Intervention
  • Tags: tabernacle, intervention, architectural, window, Port Talbot, Colony projects, Blast, stained glass, recycled, socialist object art