‘In the passage of time, no.2’, is a wall construction, comprising of 49 forms. The forms are 3D prints in PA2200 white nylon and thickness of the material is 0.5mm.
These forms vary in size, the largest - h 9.0 x w 7.5 x d 2.0 cm to the smallest - h 7.0 x w 6.0 x d 2.0 cm. The total area measures : h 244 x 260 cm.
This work is the 2nd construction of this series and was made especially for an installation at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

The construction was first made in my studio on the wall under north facing roof windows, so the natural light was perfect for the light conditions I wanted to work with. The surface of the wall, which has been painted over many times, provides an interesting surface in relationship to the detail of the carefully shaped forms, working with curved and straight edges.

Each form is hollow and the white nylon has a surface quality like watercolour paper. The thin white walls of each form create a luminosity, according to the brightness of the natural light. The subtle changes of shadow and light are essential, expressive aspects of this work. These elements imply a sense of time and quietness amongst the noise and complexity of our lives.