A suspended light installation in the main atrium of Rowan View Hospital; a brand new £53 million Mental Health facility in Merseyside. Commissioned by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust to create a relaxing environment for staff, visitors and service users.

49 blown glass ‘raindrops’ with custom light-diffracting optics, project spectral colours around the atrium space in moments of sunlight. The artwork evokes the natural phenomena of rainbows - when sunlight passes through rain, and light is refracted into multiple colours.

The work changes throughout the day and time of year, responding to the position of the sun in the sky. During low winter sun, spectral patterns shine into the adjacent office spaces, washing them with vivid colours.

Made in collaboration with technical glass blowers and lighting specialists, the artwork glows with energy-efficient fibre optic illumination, enhancing the prismatic effects that can be seen within each glass raindrop.