This painting is based and inspired by Otto Freundlich's sculpture Der Neue Mensch that was destroyed by the Nazis. A photograph of it was selected for the cover of the famous exhibition guide (Austellungsf├╝hrer) of the 'Entartete Kunst' (Degenerated Art) exhibition in 1937.

Looking at the current historical situation (COVID-19 pandemic and the protests triggered by George Floyd's murder by the police) when things seems to be changing with extraordinary speed and the status quo is being challenged by a huge mass of people, we are looking for new definitions. I think Freundlich's work Der Neue Mensch is of utmost relevance at it was at the time.

I have decided to translate the word human to man. As a German speaker I find the the term man in the English language rather confusing and bewildering as it is used to describe all mankind, i.e. men and women. As in most languages there is a deeply rooted male dominance within culture which is

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