part of 'A Series of Dull & Meaningless Works of Art'

7 - 15 April 2018, Opening party: Fri 6 April 7pm
curated by Chiara Williams Contemporary
Crate Space, Margate, UK

'The Last Day on Earth' is a thematic solo exhibition presenting four pieces of work that are part of a project titled 'A Series of Dull & Meaningless Works of Art'.

The exhibition explores the challenges, dangers & impacts of the continuous digitalization that is radically transforming the way we live & communicate with each other. The continuing efforts to merge the analogue with the digital world & the eventual digital dominance is one of the most precarious & dangerous events in human history. The rise of smart objects able to interact with other smart objects & learn from each other through machine learning (AI) is not science fiction but a scary reality. Companies & governments invest huge sums of money in this development. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already infiltrated daily basic activities, & for some reason we all seem exhilarated & excited by it.

The show researches the correlation between the technological & the global development in life style, politics, health & migration. New concepts of living (digital nomads, remote work etc.) seem to democratize the world whereas the spread of information & fake news have an immense dictatorial impact on the behaviour of people.

The exhibition aims to get the audience immersed in a conceptual & visually compelling presentation of four interlinked artworks. I am interested in the duration the works will be able to engage the audience & keep their interest going. In the age of super-fast information consumption, this is a very challenging experiment.