a video & sound based installation

The idea of immersion and engagement are both essential parts of my work, it is like a game I play with the audience: how can I make them want to step into the installation and how long can I keep them interested in the work? Story-telling, allowing the audience to discover and making people wonder what it is all about are important aspects that I want to experiment with. My installation work is organic in the way that I adapt the look and feel of the work to the environment, to the architecture of the space.

The inspiration for the piece comes from a long day of visiting numerous galleries and Frieze Art Fair 2016 in London. The last stop was Fred Mann's New Art Projects in London. While I was watching an animation by the artist James Rielly, I suddenly realized that showing one's work is an extraordinary experience, something I get pleasure and satisfaction from.

The installations consists of the following elements:

- 1 main projection IT'S JUST NICE TO BE EXHIBITED.
- 1 large projection of man being exhibited (performance)
- 3 smaller projections of man dancing
- sound

more images: http://jayrechsteiner.com/its-just-nice-to-be-exhibited.html