Location: SEAS 10/A fleet street, BN1 4ZE Brighton

Limbo isn’t just the imaginary place or state of all holy souls after death, but a real condition. The artists in the exhibition present limbo spaces that have risen due to Brexit, austerity, socio-economic insecurity, racism and xenophobia. They explore on a personal and national level what it is to be in-between and to live in uncertainty.

The exhibition includes paintings, photography, installations and video-art, Artists' talks and film screening . Dates for events will be posted on SEAS Facebook.

Part of Artists' Open Houses - Brighton and with a collaboration of SEAS, #BMECP Centre (https://bmecp.org.uk/) and #Euromernet (https://www.facebook.com/euromernet/) and #Figmentarts www.figmentarts.co.uk