Beautiful Dystopias Collection
Witness 2012
The discarded figurines, stripped off the honour of witness on the mantelpiece, lay their whimsical role aside to adopt a sinister foreboding of the chemical warfare in our homes. Voyeurs of our mundane psychodramas, the ornaments, mindful of the contaminated air, are adorned with Chinese medicine glass cups. The cups, traditionally used for fire cupping now worn as protective helmets, shield them from the satanic dust that blackens their garb and contaminates our earth.
Assembled in the fragmented landscape, the community of hybrid creatures seek the elusive purified space. Mimicking human attributes and frailties, the silent witnesses rest on disintegrating worlds.

  • Dimensions: 29 x 17 x 17cm
  • Artforms: Sculpture
  • Tags: Environmental, installation, science, toxicology