Approved: 21.03.2013

Ian Rayer-Smith

Artist, Consultant, Curator, Gallerist, Maker

Approved: 21.03.2013

In a world preoccupied with technology, there is something remarkable about painting. It connects us back to man’s earliest and most elemental forms of self expression. 

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    Artist Statement

    In a world preoccupied with technology, there is something remarkable about painting. It connects us back to man’s earliest and most elemental forms of self expression. 


    I am not interested in painting something that already exists. My pressing urge is to use paint to explore new forms which will ultimately carry emotional weight. I try not to recreate an image. Instead, I may use it as a reference point by which to move from one painting to the next.


    I am influenced by the Abstract Expressionists - for their emotional rawness and mark making, and also by the Renaissance - for composition, light and movement. Onto these I layer influences from contemporary culture and my own personal experience.  I aim to instil a classical feel into my work whilst finding new visual paths, with the result  hopefully being an exploration of the purpose of painting itself.


    I think of my paintings as posing a series of questions rather than providing overt statements or narrative pointers towards any clear kind of answer.  There would be no joy or satisfaction in doing that. Instead, the process is more about showing my search for something which, maybe, I hope I’ll never find.


    Ian Rayer-Smith


    CV & Education


    2018        January            Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach. U.S.A  Art Fair

    2018        March               Talented Art Fair, London



    2017                                 Screaming Gander Contemporary Art, Manchester. Solo exhibition

    2017                                 Grafene, Manchester. Permnent exhibition 

    2017                                 The Soden Collection, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Group exhibition.

    2017                                 Cheshire Art Hub, Chester. Group exhibition.

    2017                                 Galerie Nord, Lille, France. Group exhibition



    2017    November             JP Art Gallery, Battersea, London, UK. Group exhibition

    2017    October                 Manchester Buy Art Fair, Manchester, UK.  Art Fair

    2017    October                Galerie Nord 49R, Lille, France. Two artist exhibition.

    2017    October                The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK. with JP Art Consultancy and Gallery

    2017     Sept                     D-Contemporary, Mayfair, London. UK. Solo Exhibition. 'It's Art Call' 2017 Winners show

    2017     April                     Zari Gallery, Fitzrovia, London. Solo Exhibition

    2016     October               WCAF, Warrington Museum, Warrington. Group show

    2016     September          Manchester Buy Art Fair 2016

    2016     June/July             GM Arts Prize, Shortlisted Award 2016, Manchester

    2016       March                'All is more is nothing' Solo show, Screaming Gander Contemporary Art, Manchester

    2016       February            'Neo Renaissance' Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable. Solo show

    2016       January              'Artrooms London 2016, International Art Fair

    2015       October              'Romantica' - 40 small paintings, Screaming Gander, Manchester. Solo show

    2015       August/Sept       'Making up for lost time', Stockport Museum and Art Gallery, Stockport/ Gtr Manchester. Solo show

    2015       July/Sept           'The destruction of anything familiar', Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington. Solo show

    2015       June                 'Pure Painting' Bar Gallery, London, NW2. Group show

    2015       May                  'The Open West' The Wilson Art Gallery, Cheltenham

    2015       May                  'The destruction of anything famliar' Screaming Gander, Manchester

    2015       March               'New Artist Fair' 2015, Islington London

    2014      October             'Six Months On' Solo exhibition, Screaming Gander, Manchester

    2014      October             Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Warrington Musuem

    2014      April                   'Flabbergasted!' Solo exhibition, Screaming Gander, Manchester

    2013      October             'Synthesis' Festival of Art and Science, Manchester

    2013      August               'Off Kilter' Group Show, Manchester

    2013      July                    'Beautiful Things' Group show, Albert Dock, Liverpool

    2013      June                   'BA Hons Degree Show, Media City, Salford

    2013      May                    '6.3 x 5 (at odds) Joint Show, Piccadilly, Manchester

    2012      April                   ‘New Blood’ Group Show, Manchester

    2011       May                   ‘WFTL' Group Show, Manchester       

    2010      September         GNT Art Exhibition, Solo Show, Manchester

    2010      April                   Centenary Art Show, Group Show, Salford

    2008     April                    Juice Hub Gallery, Solo Show, Bristol