Location: Online

Online group crit. Presenting artist, Adam Neal an artist based in Birmingham, his work operates at the intersections of social class, dealing with issues of masculinity and familial relationships.

A regular mid-week opportunity to share work in progress with peers, for valuable feedback.

If you have been missing the opportunity to present your work to your peers, or support other artists by giving feedback on their work in progress. Speedy Crits takes place on Zoom on a Wednesday at 2pm. We are currently operating on an 'as and when' timescale, currently fortnightly.

One artist presents work to up to 9 participants. The presenting artist shares their work ahead of the event via link, pdf doc, instagram or website. The sessions are 40 minutes long so only allow for brief intro's from everyone before getting on with the reason everyone is there.

To register for an event as either a participant or presenting artist, please email: [email protected]

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