Futurama, by Harold Offeh brought the spirit of the Worlds Fair to SE15. The exhibition charted the journey of lead artist Harold Offeh, design team Glass Hill and local young people from Leaders of Tomorrow to imagine a better future for Peckham.
Harold Offeh will created a showroom of designed objects, video and images dedicated to this dynamic future vision. Inspired by how design can change the immediate surroundings, Offeh invited Leaders of Tomorrow to re-imagine and improve their environment. Through site visits, tours and discussions, the young people identified design solutions to improve the area. These solutions included innovative seating, signage and lighting which were realised by design team Glass Hill. Futurama bought to life this futuristic vision for an experience that drew on the rich history and legacy of international Worlds fairs and Expos.
Harold Offeh's work addresses ideas of collaboration, co-operation and participation. He said: “I took the idea of Worlds Fairs as a starting point for this exhibition as I felt the ethos of presenting advances in science, technology and culture in one place would offer the young people that live in Peckham the opportunity to present their vision for the future in a way that establishes a dialogue between individuals and communities about possible directions that our society might take.”