Slipstream, by David Cotterrell maped social, geographical and personal histories of North Peckham through an investigation of the area's changing landscape.
Partially filmed from the air using a specially-constructed miniature stunt helicopter and presented as a two screen installation, Slipstream took North Peckham residents' narratives of how their landscape has changed over the last 30 years as its starting point. The camera swoops from ground-level to lofty heights tracking these parallel, remembered journeys from the air in a series of "fly-throughs", exploring airspace previously occupied by buildings and relaying back lost views of Peckham and the wider area. This filmic journey layers and combines found footage and photographic and printed material supplied by the participants to map architectural changes and overlay memories of individuals exploring what residents have expressed as a "missing identity" for the location.
David Cotterrell said: “North Peckham has a wealth of expansive vistas promised but not made accessible by water towers, demolished housing and forgotten landmarks. Speaking to the residents about how their journeys through the landscape have changed over the years, it became important to me that the film captured views that are no longer (or not yet) accessible. Using cameras mounted on model aircraft allowed me to examine contradictory perspectives where buildings have been demolished or become redundant or are yet to be constructed.”