These pieces are material stories, both textile and electronic. Part of collective work, a textile gathering, beyond a physical presence, without getting out of the home. These textiles narrate what happens in three places in Colombia at a specific time of the day. The Dawn in Sibundoy (Putumayo, South-Colombia) told by Alexandra Cuaran Jamioy and Susana Patricia Chicunque Agreda. First, they welcome us in their Kamëntsa voice, describing what they see through their window in Putumayo's lands. We also get into Fredy Flores and Janeth Mosquera Mosquera's conversation. Then, under the sun of Quibdó (Choco-Colombian Pacific coast), they tell us about the Chocoan jungle and the midday hustle and bustle in their Afro-Colombian accent. And then I call to quieten down and get into the darkness of Bogotá's (Colombia's centre) colourful sunsets.

Authors: Eliana Sánchez-Aldana, Camila Padilla-Casas, Laura Catalina Junco, Alexandra Cuarán Jamioy, Susana Patricia Chicunque Agreda, Fredy Florez, Yaneth Mosquera Mosquera.