Celebration of Failure (Delivery Man). 2018.
Three-day performance for Look Again, Aberdeen.
In this performance I walk through the city as a delivery man with an over loaded trolley (pallet) pulling the trolley through town, as if delivering boxes. 
The boxes are piled too high and keep falling off. People come up and point out my stacking mistake. Telling me: ‘That’s going to fall-off mate’.
I perform the act and action of delivering boxes that fall onto the pavement, continually. I don’t have to be anywhere at any time.
Wearing a delivery man outfit with boots and a Hi-Vis jacket.
I have a google map of Scotland sticking out of my pocket, I consult the map of Scotland throughout the day, for no reason.
Pulling the trolley, a little further. Then the boxes fall off and I stop and look shocked again, how did that happen!
Developing a public character, a man with boxes to deliver, an honest man doing an honest day’s work. With a serious face for an idiotic philosophy.
Delivering to a non-specific address. Going earnestly no where, round and round the city day after day.
I cross roads and boxes fall and bus drivers beep and try to run over me.
The outline for the work is to celebrate this failure, my objective as a performer is to work at the failing situation produced with the trolley, pallet and boxes. To earnestly deliver boxes to a non-address.
Every now and then I tell someone that it is an art work, and someone says ‘we thought you were up to something, we were looking at you - thinking, is he for real?’.
People often help the Delivery Man as he goes on and the boxes fall off and spill and it becomes a celebration of failure. The entire scene, developing a work-like mess in the street.