I currently have some work featured in the new journal ‘Right to Roam’, from the Inside the Outside collective.

The ‘Right to Roam’ journal is a discussion on the issues of the right to roam, and a measure of the strength of feeling and passion it arouses. From over one thousand images and in excess of thirty thousand words entered it features the work of 37 photographers from around the world. The journal is available from www.inside-the-outside.com

The journal features my ‘I wander’ project. Using a Fuji instant film camera, ‘I wander’ documents nine short walks made from my home in Abergavenny during the first COVID-19 lockdown. With so little to feel good about during this period, the right to roam became doubly important to me. Having recently moved to the area these short walks and discoveries allowed me to continue to explore and discover my new environment and became central to my life. For a while they became my work, and play.