(Six belts to create spaces for waiting)
Crowd control barriers mounted on bespoke belts.

Waiting…For a bus, for a train, at the post office counter, for a letter, for someone to call.
Waiting…To board a plane
Waiting…in the passport queue to be stared at suspiciously.
Waiting…For someone to check your documents, for someone to make a decision, to be reunited with family members.
Waiting…To be in a safe place, for it to be safe to go home.
Waiting…To learn, to be able to work, to contribute.
Waiting…For the baby to go to sleep, for time to be me, for space to think.
What are you waiting for? considers the idea of waiting and what happens or doesn’t happen in those spaces. A set of belts have crowd control barriers attached to them that can be worn by a group of performers in a public space. At points during the exhibition, the belts will be used to create interventions in public spaces forming barriers that affect how people move through that space.
What will they be waiting for?

What are you waiting for?