Location: Norton Priory Museum and Gardens

An exhibition by Markmakers
30 April - 31 May 2018

Norton Priory Museum & Gardens
Tudor Road, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire. WA7 1SX
Open 10-5 daily

Markmakers is a group of professional artists working and living in and around Halton. This year we were pleased to accept an invite to create this display at Norton Priory. The spaces available are intimate in nature so the brief to each group member was “create work which is bijou and inspired by the word, Focus”.

After a visit to the Priory several of the artists created work in response to its exhibits and spaces. Artists often relish the opportunity to create work which is site specific, responding to the place and the things found in it. Artists showing in “Focus” have been inspired by everything from the hum-drum of a sewage drain to meditative writings and carvings. Through artists' work there can be a new focus to the overlooked or the obscure. Whilst visiting the rest of the Priory you may spot some of the objects, ideas and places which inspired the work.

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