Participatory multi media performance lectures and installations.

Mission Statement:

'Brought together through the mutual admiration of and hunger for information, the Information Delivery Service is a simultaneously semi- fictitious and hyper-real organisation that idiosyncratically investigates information of all kinds, genres, breeds and descriptions. Our inaugural appearance in March 2012, titled WHAM-BAM-LECTURE-LECTURE, presented the topic of Information Speculation. We used this opportunity to report back the findings of our analysis into our attempts to navigate, filter and consume information. We also discussed effects of information overload on our health, psyche and philosophy and suggested possible coping mechanisms, models and solutions that can be applied. Now our foundational structure is firmly in place, the IDS plans to present a series of case studies using our knowledge progression models to absorb and deliver information.'

The IDS no longer operates in the public realm but continues to process information in the background.

Collaboration with associates Hazel France and Faith Limbrick.