10 N/10 S Design Exchange is a collaborative exhibition project between 4 diverse designers based in St Etienne, France and 4 from Newcastle in England. The 10 N exhibition will be presented as a design showcase exhibition at the Sage Gateshead as part of Design Event 09 as well as at the inauguration of the Cité du Design (International Design Centre), St Etienne later on in the year.
16 newly created pieces will be displayed in a specially designed installation to be shown on the Sage concourse between 16 and 25 October 2009. Admission is free. For more information, and to sign up for a free workshop please visit

The plan for 2009

Each of the 8 designers have been asked to create 2 new commissions. The brief for the first piece was very open and required each designer to create a ‘signature’ piece of work. These first pieces have now been ‘swapped’ between the design partners and a response piece is being made by the receiving partner. This will culminate eventually in 8 pairs of initial/response pieces.


The exhibition project is itself working in collaboration with The Université Jean Monnet. Students from the design and film departments will be filming the whole project to create a didactic video for the language department. English students will act as interpreters for the designers to facilitate the collaboration. The Université will show the exhibition and the video project together during the biennial St Etienne in 2010