Celeste Art Prize Finalist, OXO Tower, London
(Performance, white quartz sand zen garden, 9c gold plated 3d printed bronze Fortuna cigarettes, 5min audio, wireless headphones, imac, HD video, digitally printed floor cushions, bathroom mirror)
Dimensions variable

Three 5 min one-on-one performances with an audience. For each time slot, Jacobs pulled a card from her Tarot deck the previous day to determine the reading. The Tarot card was translated into a new
collection of symbols which aligned signs towards the relationship between productivity, technology and labour, such as the “refresh” button and the “next” button.

This new symbolic language combined with an astrological reading fo the time of day and location of the site, produced a reading that reveals intuitive insight into the character of the participant and the affect this might have on their own forms of production; resulting in the construction of a collective form of self, initiated by participation in the event.

To view: http://youtu.be/OiS_Xu4fbog